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Scottish film academy launched by First Minister
  22 August 2005 17:56  

A new Scottish film academy to help educate and train movie-making talent was launched today in the Capital by First Minister Jack McConnell.

The new screen academy, will be one of just seven in the UK and is a first for Scotland. It will focus on the core creative and business skills of the film industry and will be based in Edinburgh, at Napier University, and at the Edinburgh College of Art.

The First Minister said: "We have some successes within the Scottish film industry just now, but not enough and one of the reasons I supported this bid for a screen academy so strongly is that it would have been a disaster to have all the screen academies down south and none of them here in Scotland, so it's tremendous that Napier and Edinburgh College of Art have pulled off this success. They've done it with a quality reputation. Our objective now has to be that this is one of, if not the best screen academy."

One of the first to signed up for the Screen Academy is Lin Anderson, already a published author she wants to move into screenwriting and says the school cannot open soon enough.

She said: "I think it's completely vital. I almost whooped for joy when I got the information through from literature training to say that this was happening in Edinburgh. It's something we've needed for a long time. We shouldn't have to go away anywhere else to do that. We have the talent here, we have the ambition, the stories to tell. We should be telling them, and learning how to tell them in Scotland."

Screen academy launch aug 05

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