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Citation for “tartan noir”
Catchword: tartan noir
Part of Speechn.
Scottish detective fiction, or Tartan Noir as it’s called, with its brooding sensibility, brutal humor and fixation on the nature of guilt and punishment, has more in common with the Russian novel than it does with traditional detective writing.
Article or Document Title:
“Denise Mina and the rise of Scottish detective fiction” (URL)
Dinitia Smith
Article, Document, Publication, Web Site:
New York Times
Date Recorded Here:
Jul 28, 2006
Date of Publication:
July 23, 2006
This catchword has yet to be researched.

’Tartan noir’ is a famous literary genere, made famous by writers like Irvine Welsh, Ian Rankin.
The catchword itself I’ve seen in a book review in the men’s magazine GQ.

by hammer 02 Aug 06, 1235 GMT

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