Wire In The Blood (ITV) Wire In The Blood (ITV)


With her fifth Tony Hill novel, Val McDermind is at the peak of her murderous craft. Hill, of course, is played brilliantly by Robson Green in ITV’s Wire in the Blood series.On the page, McDermind makes criminal profiler Hill every bit as engaging. Beneath The Bleeding (Harper Collins £17.99) finds Bradfield reeling from the apparently motiveless killing of the town’s top soccer star.

Then a bomb rips through the stadium.

Hill attempts to solve the crimes, with the help of his sidekick DCI Carol Jordan. But neither can agree on which direction the investigation should take, leading to a big confrontation.


It’s no wonder Indridason’s Reykjavik Murder Mystery series has achieved such success around the world, with his brilliant characters Erlendur and Sigurdur Oli – Iceland’s quirkiest and most intelligent detective team.

The Draining Lake (Harvill Secker £11.99) begins with the discovery of a human skeleton on the bed of a lake, that has recently drained due to earthquake activity opening up a giant fissure. The body is tied up, instigating a murder inquiry.

The detectives find themselves looking back at the Cold War, when bright young Icelandic students dreamed of a better life in the East.

Indridason pieces together a convincing plot, while exploring universal issues of political idealism and shattered dreams.

Peter Robinson’s  detectives DCI Alan Banks and DI Annie Cabbot, have shared more than most co-workers, including on occasions a bed.

Friend Of The Devil (Hodder & Stoughton £14.99) finds them under more personal and professional strain than ever. Alan is investigating the murder of a teenage girl, while Annie’s looking into the abduction and murder of a wheel-chair bound woman.

Eventually the slow realisation hits home that the two cases are not unrelated.

In Lin Anderson’s Dark Flight (Hodder and Stoughton £12.99) forensic scientist Dr Rhona McLeod has her most daunting case to date, when a mother and daughter are found brutally murdered in their Glasgow home. The only witness is a six year old, who’s disappeared, and the only clue an African talisman made from the bones of a child.

Soon Rhona and her old flame DS Michael McNab are jetting off to Nigeria on the trail of human traffickers, black magic and ritual sacrifice. But the power and reach of “juju” is far more formidable than Rhona ever imagined.

As well as penning great TV programmes Silent Witness and New Tricks, a former copper is also the author of five bestselling novels featuring detective Sam Ryan.

Now Nigel McCrey’s Still Waters (Quercus £12.99) begins an innovative new series featuring DCI Mark Lapslie. He suffers from synaesthesia, a condition that “cross-wires” his senses, giving him unique insight.

When a car crash victim is found lying next to a desiccated corpse, Mark is soon hot on the trail of a serial killer.